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Who are Rahoo?

At Rahoo, we firmly believe that a teacher is the most important person in the classroom.

Our name comes from the Irish word ‘rathú’ which means ‘to thrive’.

After socio-economic factors, research has shown that a teacher has the greatest impact on student achievement (OECD, 2016).

Through continuous professional development (CPD) we help teachers be the best that they can be.

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Inspire & EmpowerThought-provoking

Practical Ways Teachers Can Nurture Mental Health & Wellbeing

There’s no doubt but that teaching is a demanding job. There are days that feel like we are on a hamster wheel with tasks and demands flying in from all sides. A few weeks of days like this can have …

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Inspire & EmpowerRahoo

3 Teacher Instagram Accounts We LOVE!

Whether you’re a trainee teacher, NQT or more-experienced and you are looking for a community of teachers to collaborate, get tips from and steal ideas, seeing a little square of advice or a short story on Instagram can be re-invigorating …

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Inspire & EmpowerTeacher Tips & Tricks

5 No-Fuss Behaviour Management Strategies

Good behaviour management is seen as fundamental to effective teaching and learning. Without harnessing the skills and strategies needed to work magic with large groups of students and individuals with differing personalities, teachers can find themselves ineffective and lost in …

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Inspire & EmpowerThe Not-So-Secret Diary of

The Not-So-Secret Diary of a Teacher

Working on my own is a challenge and I really miss the social side of school life. I loved seeing and interacting with my friends and colleagues every day and especially having a laugh together.

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