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Who are Rahoo?

At Rahoo, we firmly believe that a teacher is the most important person in the classroom.

Our name comes from the Irish word ‘rathú’ which means ‘to thrive’.

After socio-economic factors, research has shown that a teacher has the greatest impact on student achievement (OECD, 2016).

Through continuous professional development (CPD) we help teachers be the best that they can be.

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The Not-So-Secret Diary of

The Not-So-Secret Diary of a Teacher

For a  teacher with nearly 20 years experience in the primary sector, for Julie Anne Brown, every year is an adventure and a new challenge is a way to up-skill and get the best out of the work life balance! …

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Inspire & EmpowerRahoo

Can you help us Pay It Forward?

We don’t live in a perfect world and according to Forbes, there are 54 million teachers globally. There is an estimated shortage of 65 million teachers around the world, mainly in parts of Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa.   ​One of …

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Teacher Tips & TricksThought-provoking

Should staff meetings be banned?

We’ve all been there – at the staff meeting that could have been a post-it note or internally rolling our eyes at the latest gripe by the school moaner. Is this something that is just part of the job and …

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Psychological Impact of Dyspraxia

Do you work with children who find it difficult to coordinate their physical selves, as well as their academic work and time management? These are the children who fall over themselves when the path is seemingly clear, manage to always …

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