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Who are Rahoo?

At Rahoo, we firmly believe that a teacher is the most important person in the classroom.

Our name comes from the Irish word ‘rathú’ which means ‘to thrive’.

After socio-economic factors, research has shown that a teacher has the greatest impact on student achievement (OECD, 2016).

Through continuous professional development (CPD) we help teachers be the best that they can be.

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The Not-So-Secret Diary of

The Not-So-Secret Diary of a Teacher with Aoife Brennan

“For every problem, there is a solution” – wise words from my mom who always has encouraged me to be creative and think outside the box!

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Dear NQTInspire & Empower

Dear NQT… Make Your Morning Great!

At the start of this third lockdown, I felt like I would never be able to get into a routine again like I was last year in March. The weather helped with moods and the ability to be outside at any time of the day! This time it’s been tough to figure things out!

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Dear NQTInspire & Empower

Dear NQT… My Top 10 Tips for Teaching Online

It is important that in setting your timetable that you write it out every morning and timetable in everything, be that your breaks, a walk, reading time.
A timetable of your week’s activities is a good idea too, for both you and the pupils. On a Monday, I give an overview of the lessons we will be doing every day or activities with resources needed beside each one. If there is a specific requirement, especially for art, even if it is just to have toilet rolls collected, giving notice for this is a good idea. This also helps pupils get their own week timetabled and planned out and parents can work around this too.

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Inspire & EmpowerRahoo

6 Festive Wellness Tips for Teachers

This year has been a unique year and while it can be a time of joy, rest & relaxation, the holidays can bring a lot of demands such as financial, social and family commitments. While, you can’t choose when Christmas comes, you can choose to help yourself get through it.

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