Rahoo is an edtech company which makes professional development accessible for teachers – anytime, anywhere!

Rahoo focuses on pedagogy (the practice and skill of teaching and learning) rather than curriculum or subject-based content. Therefore, Rahoo courses are applicable to anyone who teaches, from Early Years to Adult Education and anything in between – and anywhere in the world!

We are the “go-to” site for teachers – online and global.

Key Facts

  • Established in September 2017 in Ireland
  • Reputable provider of face-to-face and online professional learning for teachers
  • From 450 teachers in 2018 to over 15,000 teachers completing Rahoo courses to date
  • Customers in Ireland, UK, UAE, Hong Kong, USA and Australia
  • Endorsed by Department of Education, Ireland
  • Our name comes from the Irish word ‘rathú’ which means ‘to thrive’.

Core Values

  1. A teacher is the most important person in the classroom.
  2. Continuous Professional Development (CPD) must be effective, efficient and take humanistic approach.

After socio-economic factors, research has shown that a teacher has the greatest impact on student achievement (OECD, 2016).

Through continuous professional development (CPD) we help teachers be the best that they can be.

By taking a humanistic approach and remaining teacher-focused and centred we can offer the best learning experiences for teachers; which will then provide the best learning experiences for students.



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